Hello sweet, new friend. Some how or another you have landed on my page and I sure am happy you found your way here!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Alexandra - though my friends call me Alex and I hope you will too! I am a hopeless romantic that is enamoured with soft light, gentle colour palettes and real, authentic love stories. 

A little bit more about the little 5'2" brunette that brings a step stool to every single wedding:

  • I am a smoothie connoisseur and peanut butter cup addict!
  • I believe that fresh blooms are the best decor investment for any room
  • I love gifting. From birthdays to thinking-of-you presents, picking out the perfect item that reflects a person is something I enjoy
  • Being cozy is a daily priority of mine. You speak my language if you too are obsessed with fuzzy blankets, cozy knits and wool socks
  • If I am glued to the TV you’re sure to find me watching a horror movie or a ridiculous reality show
  • I live life at an exclamation point! 

The most precious part of my job is being invited to share in and document true, honest, unapologetic love!