Quinn & Bryan | Portrait Session

Though it has been months since I photographed these two, I just had to highlight this session on the blog as it turned out to be one of my absolute favourites from this past summer!

I loved how both Quinn and Bryan were up for anything during their session. All ideas and suggestions were met with such positivity and excitement. Loading the tandem bicycle into the car was an adventure in itself. Once secured inside the car the position of the bicycle squished Quinn against the passenger seat with minimal-to-no movement possible, while Bryan was stuck sitting in the trunk (this sounds far more unsafe than it actually was - I promise!). Regardless of how uncomfortable they must have been, both Bryan and Quinn were so enthusiastic and entertaining throughout the entire ride to our location.

On top of their calm and positive demeanour, they were not afraid to be silly with one another - which is what made this session so genuine, light-hearted and romantic. Blowing bubbles while giggling together and cycling down the Hamilton Beach Strip on a tandem bicycle it was as if they were back on their first date.

Enjoy some of my favourite images from my time with them!