Jodi & Don | Whitehern Wedding

Meet Jodi and Don. This sweet couple first met online, back in the days where you didn't quite know if you were chatting with an 80 year old man from Missouri on the other side of the screen or not. You can imagine their relief when they finally met and there wasn't a Missourian in sight, phew!

Ten years and three cats later - in the age where online dating is now socially acceptable - Don proposed on one of the most magical nights, Christmas Eve! 

It all started with a date to see the local light display at Glenhyrst Gardens in Brantford. From there, they drove to a rose garden that holds sentimental value for Jodi. Her grandmother's ashes and memorial stone reside in the garden. Knowing the significance it was here that Don proposed, but not before Jodi interrupted him to make sure the car door was locked! Safety first people!

With their family as their witnesses Jodi and Don sealed the deal this summer. They were wed during a quaint mid-week ceremony in the beautiful gardens at Whitehern Historic House, what's more, their wedding took place on their 11th anniversary! These two were graced with a gorgeous summer day as they recited vows, exchanged rings and committed their lives to each other.  

When Jodi and Don aren't being absolute sweethearts and finding ways to spoil each other with thoughtful surprises, they can be found snuggling first thing in the morning with their cats and enjoying date nights together.

Enjoy a few of my faves from Jodi and Don's intimate garden wedding below!