Your bridesmaids are your go-to gals! From planning your bachelorette party to nodding through hour long discussions over the difference between white and ivory... these are the ladies that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt have got your back. Though presenting a gift to each of your bridesmaids is not mandatory, it certainly is a wonderful way to show your love and appreciation for their friendship and support. Below is a list of timeless gifts to spoil your bride tribe!

Anything Personalized or Monogramed: Items that can be monogrammed with initials or nicknames are both personal and unique. Such items may include: wine tumblers, t-shirts, robes, make up satchels, compacts, necklaces, notebooks, pens... etc

Matching Robes or Dress Shirts: These are items that the girls will be able to wear on the morning of your wedding! Robes and custom shirts photograph beautifully during bridal prep images and make for adorable keepsakes to utilize even after the wedding. Keep an eye out for shops that not only offer these cute garments, but also the option to monogram!

Dress Hanger: Custom hangers for your maids to hang their dresses on are another practical gift. Select hangers that match your colour palette and personalize with each bridesmaids name, as well as your wedding date. As you get ready on the day of your wedding the bridesmaid dresses will be hung on the matching hangers making for yet another perfect photo opportunity!

Custom Curated Gift Boxes: Looking for something that is perfectly curated and lavish? Source custom gift boxes for each of your bridesmaids. Beautiful gift boxes can be found at the click of a button at Old Joy Gift Boxes, Simone Le BlancTeak & Twine and Box Fox. Shop pre-curated boxes, or if you're feeling creative, design one of your own. 

Subscription Based Gift: Choose a gift that keeps on giving with a subscription! Keep your gals warm with socks from The Foot Cardigan or send them a beauty kit from BirchBox.


Wedding Attire & Accessories: Matching accessories to top off each of your bridesmaids outfits is a thoughtful gift and will ensure everything is coordinated to perfection. This can include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, handbags, or depending on the season, shawls to keep warm throughout the day. Looking to go the extra mile? If you're able to swing it, offering to purchase the bridesmaids dresses for all of your girls is an incredibly generous gesture.

Canvas Tote Bag: A large canvas tote bag is useful for your bridesmaids to store their essentials in on the day of the wedding. Take things one step further by packaging their entire gift in the canvas tote and wrapping in cellophane- talk about perfect presentation! 

Something Sweet: Include something to satisfy the sweet tooth. Cookies, candy... a mini bottle of champagne perhaps?

SOS Kit: They've had your back all this time, now it's time to return the favor! Assemble an emergency kit with essential items the girls may need on the day of your wedding. Pinch Provisions has a full line specifically designed for weddings - or create your own! Pair with a secondary kit to be utilized the day after your wedding, for recovery purposes. Pinch Provisions has once again got you covered right HERE.

Handwritten Notes: To top things off, finish your gift with a hand written note recounting special memories and inside jokes. This will add a heartfelt and personal touch to each gift.

Looking for the appropriate time to distribute these gifts to your wedding party? Popular times to do so include: upon asking each bridesmaid to be in your wedding party, at the rehearsal dinner or on the morning of your wedding day.


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