Stay present, immerse yourself in your wedding day and enjoy each and every moment. While this might sound like a no-brainer, often times with so many details coming together at once it is easy to get caught up and become distracted or stressed on the day of your wedding. I don't know about you, but I'd like to think that after months of planning, you deserve to take in the joy and excitement of every single second. Below are some helpful tips to ensure you accomplish just that!


Wedding Day Timeline

Create a well thought out wedding timeline that includes ample time during each aspect of your day. The addition of buffer time throughout the day is highly encouraged, especially if you plan on travelling to multiple venues for the ceremony, portraits and reception. No one wants to be stuck on the Gardiner Expressway stressed out because it went unnoticed that your wedding day fell upon the same weekend that Beyoncé came to town, along with a sold out Blue Jays game!

Quiet Moments

Take time for solitary moments as newlyweds. You may choose to build this time into your wedding schedule, which can be done intentionally with the addition of a first look. This is when a bride and groom see each other for the first time before the ceremony, opting to have a private moment alone together. If you are more traditional and prefer to see your partner for the first time when walking down the isle, you may instead wish to to block off a few minutes after the ceremony or during dinner to sneak away and enjoy some time alone as husband and wife.


Plan B

Are parts of your day to be enjoyed outside? Having back up locations in place should there be inclement weather guarantees one less thing to worry about. Not sure what works well as a plan B? Use the resources you have at your fingertips. Your wedding planner and photographer may be able to suggest some alternate locations for your ceremony and portraits should the weather be unforgiving. It is recommended to finalize these details ahead of time as some locations have permits and fees associated with photographing on their property.

Be Prepared

Plan to have all of your details in order before the day of your wedding. Remember: don't be afraid to delegate! Assign responsibilities ahead of time to your wedding party and family members. This way you will avoid having to wake up early and scurry around steaming your dress, polishing your ring, packaging bridesmaids gifts, and chilling champagne. Instead you will have extra time to sleep in (which is always a welcomed treat) and start your day with a relaxed morning.


Screen Down, Eyes Up! 

Electronic devices are an easy distraction. From updating Instagram and Facebook to finding a silly filter on Snapchat, social media can become a rabbit hole. It is easy to get distracted by sharing your day on countless social media platforms. Instead of carrying your phone with you all day, you may choose to assign a member of the wedding party to pop it in their clutch should you need it. This will help minimize your screen time and stay in the moment.


As the day unfolds you are sure to experience #allthefeels. Excitement, joy, anticipation, love, appreciation... you name it! Embrace in the vulnerability that each moment holds by allowing yourself to completely take in and feel all of the emotions as they come.


Stay Hydrated and Nourished

You know those days where you're bouncing from one chore to the next, and the next thing you know it's 7:00 PM and you realize you have yet to eat something? Welcome to the typical wedding day. To combat this, start your morning with a good breakfast. Once you're ready to kick things off, make sure you have snacks on hand throughout the day. If you're having portraits taken off-site and away from your venue have a cooler packed in the limo with beverages and treats to nibble on. This will keep the hanger at bay and have your wedding party remain in high spirits. Finally, during your wedding reception, remember to actually eat your dinner! It is easy to get pulled away by guests that cannot wait to congratulate you, causing you to miss a course. 

Show Yourself Grace

With so many details coming together on one day it is quite possible that something may not go as initially planned. Let any bumps in the road roll off your shoulders. More often than not brides aren't equipped with a professional event planning background. With that said, should things not go as intended, show yourself grace and don't let it ruin your day!


Thank Your Guests

Engage with your guests, after all, you hand picked each individual to spend your day with. When chatting with those attending your wedding make eye contact and connect. Most importantly, take the time to express genuine gratitude and thank your guests for coming. You may choose to assemble a formal receiving line, visit each table individually, thank your guests during your newlywed speech or incorporate a combination of these options.

Hire a Killer Team of Vendors

Hiring a team of experienced vendors that you trust entirely will take the stress out of the day knowing that all of the fine details are taken care of and any set backs will be addressed and remedied by industry professionals.


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