2017 Year in Review

New couples, new love stories, same witty brunette.

Pretty sure there's gotta be a horse shoe up my butt. Yeah, you read that right. But there's no other way to explain this feeling - wait what?! That didn't sound right... let me explain why I feel incredibly lucky.

When I purchased my first camera in high school I spent time photographing friends, family, and more often than not, our adorable dog. I would have laughed out loud if someone had told me back then that I would own my own business just a few short years later and make a living documenting love stories. 

The last two years owning and operating my business has provided me with more knowledge than any single line item that appears on the education section of my LinkedIn profile #thatmadesenseinmyhead 

This past wedding season in particular reinforced my love of love and passion for wedding photography. I had incredible feats, cried behind my camera during almost every single father daughter dance, hugged more grandma's than I can count and fixed countless veils. 

In contrast, I have had my fair share of melt-down-days where I was sure I'd throw my laptop right out the window if my editing software crashed just one more time. I had moments of loneliness while cooped up finishing galleries, and am certain I came pretty close to a Vitamin D deficiency spending hours at my desk trying to keep up with editing and stay on track of timelines.

This particular year has been a complete labor of love, which payed off when I was fortunate enough to quit my corporate gig to pursue photography full time. Let me tell you, I haven't looked back!

These past two years have flown by and with them countless couples and families inviting me to document some of the happiest times of their lives. I cannot wait for what year three has in store! 


In case you were wondering what a typical day in the life looks like on the job, I unearthed a few gems for your viewing pleasure.



Hugging grandma's - check!

Fixing veils - check!

Crying during father daughter dances - check!

Loving every stinkin' second - check!