Johnny & Stephanie | Toronto Winter Engagement Session

I still can't believe I am writing this! My brother is engaged and I could not be happier! It seems like just yesterday I was knocking on my big brother's door each night terrified of what could be lurking in the dark, as he graciously allowed me to sleep on the carpet... on the ground... beside his bed. 

Johnny and Stephanie's love story began while they were both attending McMaster University. They first met at the iconic "Dalewood house." A student house just off campus that was well known for never locking its door at night - seriously, even the raccoons knew! It was a meeting hub for Johnny and many of his friends, and it just so happened that Stephanie lived there. Johnny was immediately drawn to her, however - plot twist - it was not love at first sight. I am not sure if it was his bushy eyebrows, infectious personality or persistence but after months of pursuing her, Stephanie gave in! 

Soon after, Johnny brought our tiny little Woodbridge-ian home to meet the family. It was an immediate fit. I would never have imagined that this sweet lady would not only become such an integral part of our family, but also one of my very best friends! I couldn't have picked a better partner for my brother if I scoured the profiles of eHarmony myself. The fact that she is a cannoli addict is just an added plus!

4 years post-Dalewood, during a beautiful snowy winter day, Johnny got down on one knee and asked Stephanie for forever! After enjoying many congratulatory hugs, kisses, and toasts of prosecco we began to plan their engagement session. Stephanie was hoping for their shoot to be photographed in the winter. After waiting weeks for snowfall, we were graced with the perfect day. It was something right out of a snow globe! We returned right to the spot where Johnny proposed for their session - take a peak!

To say I am over-the-moon excited about their engagement and the upcoming #DelBruno wedding is an understatement! I cannot wait to cheer these two on for all of life's adventures that lie in store for them.